About Adil Vezir

About Adil Vezir Bronze Artist

I am an Azerbaijani-American artist & bronze sculptor living & creating in Ireland. While living in the United States for almost two decades I gained experience and developed my skills in various artistic disciplines.  I spent years working as a prototype sculptor, mould-maker, wood worker, metalworker and fine art preparator in New York City and Philadelphia.

Through my career in the art industry I have had the privilege of intimate exposure to some of the most important works in Art History. 
This has certainly shaped and informed my creative process to strive to achieve the highest level of artistic excellence and precision in all my work as an artist and bronze sculptor, and enabled me to produce the high quality, unique bronze sculptures that you see here.
My work in held in private collections and galleries across the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

Located in Ireland for the past few years with my family, this current body of work has been informed and inspired by the coastline, natural beauty, and mythology of my home now in West Clare.

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