Adil Vezir Sculptor

Limited Edition Bronze
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Adil Vezir Bronze Art Humpback whale

Adil Vezir Bronze Sculptor

My Inspiration

As a bronze sculptor I am inspired by the experience of living in the unique climate of Ireland’s rugged west coast. This latest collection of bronze sculptures emerged in a very remote location surrounded by ocean, wind and wildlife. Initially I became intrigued by the humpback whales that visit these shores and then produced a series of bronze sculptures focused on marine life. 

Adil Vezir Bronze

Adil Vezir Bronze Sculptor

My Process

There are many stages to producing these bronze sculptures which are very time consuming and labor intensive.
It includes: sculpting the original model, casting in rubber, molding in wax, creating a plaster cast for the waxes, using the lost wax process to create the plaster molds, pouring the bronze, metal working and welding, and finally patination.

Adil Vezir Bronze Sculptor

My Aim

This series of bronze sculptures represents the culmination of all the varied disciplines I have learned throughout my life as an artist.
I wish to continue as a sculptor to produce high quality bronze work that hopefully inspires people and brings an element of beauty and quality to their surroundings.


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Adil Vezir is an exceptional multidisciplinary artist; who is now gaining international recognition and definitely an artist to keep on your radar.
His works are relevant and poignant.

L. O’Keeffe
Private Collector, England.

Adil has a keen eye for detail as well as a real interest in symmetry and balance – and the engineering around achieving such balance in his work.
The pieces he produces are beautifully done.

Seamus Connolly
Kilbaha Bronze Foundry

Get In Touch

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